Transylvania is a region Till Mayer, a photo journalist, has been fascinated by for many years. In summer 2020 he traveled to Romania once more. Mayer, who lives is Bamberg, portrayed a former forester called Dietmar Gross. The „Siebenbürger Sachse“ (Transylvanian Saxon) returned to his native country from Upper Franconia. He has committed himself as an environmentalist since then. Gross has taken a stand for the Romanian ancient woodlands which are now protected by the UNESCO. There is a village called Viscri and this is where Gross wanted to spend his remaining years – in a renovated farmyard. But then Prince Charles bought a house in this very village…

So far the reportage has appeared in the following German newspapers: Augsburger Allgemeine, Sächsische Zeitung, Main-Post, Allgäuer Zeitung, Obermain-Tagblatt, Siebenbürger Zeitung, Schwäbische Zeitung und Badische Zeitung.
Article in Augsburger Allgemeine:

In addition to that a calendar has been published by the Erich-Weiss-Verlag: “Siebenbürgen – Transilvanien 2021”.
Order a calendar:–2021-siebenbuergen-transsilvanien-.html